The Training

By last few years number of fighters raised! But because of less events because pandemic and war not all of them receive base knowledge about what they need as beginner.
I see that our last post received positive feedback so from time to time we will add our thoughts on our fanpage
What i need on the beginning?
We always answer one thing: TRAINING!
Surprised its not armor? Only armor that is needed if you plan to train regular is sport clothes and soft equipment for sparing.
If its possible find a team: training together will give you more experience and better base.
Why you should not start from armor? Because you still dont know which role you want to play on the field in buhurt or which category of duels will be your main one.
Runner? Tank? Damage dealer? Sword and shield? polearm? Longsword? Profight?
There are meany questions and things to try before the most important decision will be made. Every role and category need different type of armor.
In next posts we will try to describe some sets which in our experience will work: but remember – its very individual – you need to check what will work for you! What adjustments and customization will be needed!
There is nothing like battle ready armor – when you will get it you need to make it battle ready individually for you to fit it perfectly for you style and needs.

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