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REMEMBER! All measures we make in PADDING!

  • Chest size need to be made in full breathing in
  • All circuits need to be made with uptight muscles
  • Circuits we always measure in biggest and smallest point, thanks to this we can make the profile that’s is needed
  • Palm need to lay flat when is measured
  • Foot need to lay flat when is measured
  • Please always send us your height and weight



  • Wrist circuit
  • Palm lenght
  • Palm circuit
  • Thumb lenght
  • With fingered gloves lenght of fingers + signify joints (easiest way is to make countoir of palm)



  • Head circuit where circuit is the biggest
  • Height top of head sight point
  • Height top of head, end of jaw (lenght of the helmet)


  • Lenght from shoulder to elbow (lenght of upper arm)
  • Lenght from elbow to wrist (lenght of fore arm)
  • Biceps circuit (the wider place)
  • Elbow circuit
  • Forearm circuit (wider place)
  • Wrist circuit


  • Lenght hip bone – knee (external length))
  • Length groin – knee (inside length of armored leg)
  • Thigh circuit in wider point
  • Upper knee circuit
  • Knee circuit


  • Front length (under kneecap till ankle)
  • Side length
  • back length