Historicum – Kamila Studencka, Andrzej Studencki and kids

Our shop was created in 2012, during years and going more deep in medieval fights we choose to create items not only for reenactment but as well for sport fighting. Every season was a knowledge and experience test with creating more armor pieces. Together with my husband we created lines for duels and for buhurts in time for profights. We fought in Europe, Russia and USA. We fought on Battle of the Nations, IMCF and WMFC events to bring as much experience as possible. To understand needs of our customers and feel on own skin what fighting on world level is. We created as well workshops for fighters and small profight league The New Era to share not only technical equipment knowledge but as well the practical one and share the idea of medieval sport.

We hope that our work will give you safety and joy from full contact medieval fighting!

Kamila Studencka:

  • World vice-champion in polearm IMCF Malbork 2015,
  • World Champion in the 3v3 category IMCF Malbork 2015,
  • World vice-champion in the 3v3 category IMCF Portugal 2016,
  • Bronze medalist of the World Sword and Shield Championships IMCF Portugal 2016,
  • Polish Champion in sword and shield Grunwald 2016
  • Silver medalist of the 3v3 Dynamo Cup HMB, Moscow Russia 2017 and 5v5 Kening Strid Masters Netherlands 2019
  • Bronze medalist of the 5v5 World Championships in HMB BoTN Italy 2017
  • Head of authenticity for National Polish Team for BoTN Italy 2017 – most authentic looking team award
  • Captain of the Polish Women’s National Team in 2016/2018
  • Coordinator of the first workshops on sports full medieval fights for women
  • The creator of The New Era
  • A multi-medalist in sword and shield duels, sword and buckler, longsword, polearm and group fights at international tournaments in Europe, Russia and the United States.

Andrzej Studencki:

  • World Champion in the 10v10 category IMCF Mabork 2015,
  • World vice-champion in the 10×10 category and bronze medalist of the 5v5 category IMCF 2016 Portugal,
  • World vice-champion in 10v10 and 16v16 categories IMCF Denmark 2017.
  • Multimedalist of international tournaments in group fights and in WMFC profight fights in the to 85kg, up to 95 kg and Open categories.
  • Top 2 Polish fighter in to 84kg 2022/2023
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