Shield – types and use

After weapons we can make a short note about the shield.

(We can make more detailed note with sketches let us know!)

Basically we have 3 types of shields: buhurt, profight and duel.

All of them we can split on two categories which we can mix: light / heavy, distance making / close combat.

Weight of shield will cause different work on defense.

Its not only the strength of arm connected topic, but as well, how the hits impact the shield and if those will make move of the shield, which can be caused by our opponent to open our defense.

Light shields allow us to react much faster on moves of our opponent but can open us more during receiving the hit.

Length of the shield is one of most important decisions we need to make, second will be the mounting of belts and what type of hold point we want to choose.

Will we fight distance and hit from body hits on our opponent? Do we need distance to get duel points? Do we want to fight in half distance?

Which options are your main ones?

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