Duel shield – triangle

Duel shields have different shapes and sizes. Today i would like to write about my favorite shape for duels – wide triangle. Mostly i use 50/55×65/70cm. Those are almost maximal length which can be used in both federations IMCF and Buhurt International. The same as with sword size of the shield should not affect on our movement. It should be customized to our high and strength of our arm. It depends of our style of fighting.

How thick should be the plywood?

I always answer simple: how often you want to change the shield? How much you fight? How much weight affect your style? We should choose between 4-6mm wood plus material cover which will allow to add heraldry painting.

What should be on edges?

On edges we can use few options – synthetic rope covered by material / leather, rubber garden hose covered by material / leather or just leather. Whats best? Again depends of your fighting style – will you hit with the shield or just use it for defense?
Should we add the reinforce on whole shield edge? I add it only on side directed to opponent, down part and whole top part of shield.

How to attach the handle and belt?

First school say to attach the handle and belt in one line on top of the shield. This allow us to protect much more the legs without involving hand movent, head is protected by weapon blocks this as well give us more space during close fighting when we cover the head. Allow as well stable shield punches.

Second school say to attach the handle diagonally to the belt. This form is my favorite but it needs proper body stance – which protect the legs. Shield perfectly covers, with small hand movent, the head and shield side of the body from the hip. Allows more dynamic movements and allow us to use more defense options but calfs will be more exposed – thats why stance is very important.

What will be the best for you?

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