Small shield which can be effectively used in profights, duels and buhurts. Can be made from steel or wood. Can be flat or with shield boss. Can have single handle, double handle, steel handle or handle and leather strap


Most simple form of the round shield. Can be reinforced with material layers and additional leather/rubber covered by material or leather edges.

Most common types of handles for those bucklers are: single one with leather belt (A) – which is regulated and wont allow the buckler to turn in hand. Its good option for profights and buhurts. Impact of shield punch will be the biggest because of no option for rotation of the shield impact point. But options for defense will be smaller than with single handle form.

B – X form handle – this handle sometimes are used by duelists. Thanks to this option buckler can be put in different edges like with steel bucklers. It allows similar style of fighting like with shield boss buckler but reduce weight of shield by using wood flat one

For those shields handle need to be made from leather or wood.


Steel bucklers are by last time most common form of this type of shield. Base is steel shield with steel handle in middle which allows to put full fist inside – this grab will allow us to make more angles with the shield. Those can be used to make more types of defense moves.

For buhurts or profights there is added belts with buckler like in flat forms

Steel bucklers gives us more options for handles which can be made from wood, steel or leather


Which handle will be the best? Like always it depends of main goal. Do we want to make big impact with hit? (wood handle and steel handle wont move so the point of impact will be fully concentrate with the energy of hit – to avoid the loos of the energy we can use the leather strap), do we want to have good protection (where to add the handle and which type of buckler we want to use) or we want to have minimal weight (so we use leather and less material on buckler)


Size of buckler is regulated. Its 31cm max diameter for duels and steel bucklers for buhurts (over the size it get status of shield and cant have steel handle)

Big or small? It all depends of our fighting techinique for duels and for buhurts / profight. Do we want to grab or keep the distance?


Buckler is great option for people which run, make chaos on the field and like to trow opponents. Good mounted buckler can allow to use your hand like it would not be with attached shield which give more opportunities during grabbing or work on fence. Size of shields matters and only your technique will define which will be the best.

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