Est. production time: 4 Month(s)

Cross bascinet


Helmet is made according to HMB and IMCF rule set. With eye and face bars.

Long cage protect the throat against shield punches and rising by opponent.

To the helmet can be added custom padding, quilted cap, quilted cap with collar and with plates in premium option and chainmail – riveted and tempered in Poland.


All our armor is made from steel types:

C45 (high carbon steel) and 50HF (spring steel) in the option of tempered and not tempered, we make custom orders from stainless steel and titanium as well.

We make individual orders for steel type and thickness, project changes, new projects, brass finish and deepness of black colours.

All changes need to be individual valuated

We make models for LARP and reenactment as well according to received sources.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Rings: 9mm


Mat, Medium Black

Helmets Steel option

1.5mm tempered 50HF, mask 50 HF, 2/2.5mm not tempered steel C45, mask 50HF, 2/2.5mm tempered steel C45, mask 50HF


No Padding, Quilted Cap, Quilted cap attachment to helmet, Quilted cap premium, Separated quilted coif


Back strap, Chin Strap

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