Legs – floating or articulated?

One of the base questions about legs which we receive is what is the difference in those models? What both of them offer and what is the main disadventeges of using them. On base of our experience we will like to show our point of view which we hope will be a small tip for those who are beginners and those who have much more experience and will like to focus on most valuable category for them.


One of the biggest benefits this type of legs give is the range of motion we receive. Thanks to space between knee and knee cup we can easy get legs high during kicks, knees and deep squats. Legs wont block during rotations – knee will not force to rotate whole legs with us which can happen in articulated legs (depends of form of attachment to greave). Thanks to less steel elements this type of legs will be lighter as well. Those legs we mostly offer to people who want to make duels, profights or are experienced runners at buhurt field.


With great mobility there is one of the biggest disadvantages – knees are in risk of injury during stopping font kicks, side kicks, wrong made throws. If there is more space between knee and knee cup there is risk to expose part of the shin when we are down in profight. Big knee cups can provide effect of wide legs which wont allow us to make proper stance during fight.


Dream of every tank person at buhurt field. Articulated lames connect and support the poleyns and greaves which saved several fighters from knee injuries. Bigger steel cover of the legs in general in those types of armor allow us to take more hits without damage and make our legs more safe. Fully anatomical legs will less limit the motion.


Weight and rage of motion. We wont be as loose in moving on the field as in the floating model. Rotations, run directions wont be so easy to change during fight. Kicks wont be as fast and rotated as they could be in loose knee cups.

As we can see both legs have pluses and minuses. We choose what we want to make in the list and on base of this decision we should build our armor.

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