Weapons – types and use

I need this model of weapon! It makes the biggest damage! Most common sentence during choosing a falchion for buhurt or profight? Is it true? We would like to show you our point of view on base of our models of weapons. When we project a weapons we look on three main points:
1. point of balance
2. lenght
3. shape
All together those create weapon for different use.
1. Front point of balance with wider top part will create more impact, adding length will create longer road of move so the energy will be bigger. This form of weapon will be great for distance fighting and one max two hits combinations.
2. Front point of balance with regular sword shape will create weapon for hard hits but focused on combinations of their number, adding length will allow us to fight on distance.
3. Close hand point of balance will create feeling that weapon is light and will allow us to make longer hit combinations but hits wont create as much damage as the front POB weapons.
To choose the best weapon for us we need to answer main question:
What category i want to fight with it – duels, buhurt or profight
Mixed weight categories of fighters force us to fight with speed and hit as much points as possible – so we choose weapon which allow us this the most – weapons nr. 3.
What i want to do on the field? I will be a runner or tank? I want to fight on the middle and make distraction or need a short weapon for fighting on the sides near the list and wrestling? – weapon nr. 1 or 2?
In our latest experience the most complex topic which we could separate on every weight category
Lighter categories will be based on points so weapons from 3rd point will work better but because of the rules of typical for this category POB counted for 30 points it will be needed to be little modify.
Heavier categories wont use so big in numbers combinations so the weapon of choose will depends of the style between 1 and 2.
Whole post is about the tool which helps during the fight. But main point is HOW we hit. Do we use the wrist to choose the road of hit? Do we use only the hand? Do we add the shoulder? Do we add the back and hip rotation to this? No weapon will hit for us no matter how good it is – it will help us to show our potential and style.

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