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German pourpoint


The medieval German pourpoint is a replica of a 14th century gambeson based on German sources. Thanks to the use of new filling and cut-out, this pourpoint is super light and provides high mobility. The combination of those two factors with the accurate reproduction of the original shape makes this piece of medieval clothing work well – both during knight fights and reenactment of a civilian.

During the process of creation of this medieval aketon, we used two types of quilting. On the chest, arms and sleeves, the stitches are horizontal. From the waist down, the stitching on the German pourpoint is vertical.

This German pourpoint was created for the knight-fight enthusiasts. We kept this in mind while designing the new cut-out of the sleeve on this gambeson – so called “inverted elbow”. This construction does not restrain the wearer’s moves while preventing the aketon to go up during arm swinging.

In default version, our gambeson is laced in points. You can change the closing of this pourpoint to buttons or overcast lacing. This 14th century gambeson does not have a stand-up collar and its lower edge is finished with rounded endings.

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